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VolksWagen has revealed the new Passat B9 2024

2023-12-13 11:03:41 Author: Php Rent a Car
VolksWagen has revealed the new Passat B9 2024

Volkswagen unveils the new Passat B9 2024, marking not only a change in design and technology, but also in its history, PHP Rent a Car Cluj Napoca airport rental office learning that this will be the last version of the famous family model (at least with internal combustion engines). Available exclusively in the estate version, this car impresses with its new design, advanced interior technology and the possibility of opting for a plug-in hybrid model with a purely electric range of over 100 kilometers. With over 50 years of history, the Passat stays true to its roots but embraces advanced technologies. The new Passat B9 model integrates no less than three plug-in and mild hybrid propulsion systems, alongside five variants of turbo petrol and diesel engines, all focused on efficiency. An extended electric range and improved interior space are just a few aspects that highlight the commitment to comfort and sustainable performance. Expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2024, the VW Passat B9 is not only a continuation of a legend, but also an innovation in an era of change. A combination of classic elegance and cutting-edge technology, this model reconfirms the Passat's position as one of Volkswagen's most iconic models.

With a remarkable transformation, the new Volkswagen Passat B9 imposes itself with a modern and sophisticated design, far surpassing the aesthetics of its predecessor. The front impresses with new LED headlights, sculptural contours and a radiator grille with horizontal LED strips. Optionally, the Passat B9 comes with IQ.LIGHT matrix LED headlights, ensuring superior illumination. Chrome elements emphasize the width, and vertical openings in the bumper optimize aerodynamics. The slim headlights embrace an LED strip that crosses the hood grille, inspired by the technology found on the Volkswagen ID 7. The R-Line version adds a prominent front spoiler for a sporty touch, while the Elegance model takes a more discreet approach.

With a new design and revised dimensions, the new generation of the Passat series brings a modern and progressive reinterpretation. Sculptural surfaces and dynamic lines are emphasized by a wheelbase extended by 50mm to a total of 2,841mm, bringing a significant change in proportions. The overall length of 4,917 mm and width of 1,852 mm add a distinct character, while the height of 1,506 mm maintains a dynamic profile. The side silhouette features a pronounced contour line at the height of the door handles, an extended wheelbase and large side windows. Boldly angled D-pillars add a sporty touch, and alloy wheels starting at 17 inches and available in 18- and 19-inch options complete the dynamic look. Available only in the station wagon (combi) version, it is distinguished by its slightly extended dimensions.

The rear surprises with a continuous LED strip, a first in this line of models. This emphasizes the width of the body and provides a distinctive 3D illuminated signature. The large spoiler and air guides complete the aerodynamic and functional appearance of the rear area. Efficiency is at the pinnacle of design, with a boot capacity of up to 1,920 liters and an aerodynamic coefficient of just 0.25 compared to 0.31 on the previous model, making the Passat B9 a pioneer in aerodynamics. Technical details such as the electric radiator shutter and the smooth body curves contribute to exceptional aerodynamic performance. So, the exterior design of the new Passat B9 2024 is an ingenious synthesis between classic elegance and modern innovation, transforming this model into a distinct and avant-garde presence on the roads.

The refined interior of the new Volkswagen Passat B9 not only exceeds expectations, it redefines the concept of luxury and technology in a classy vehicle. A fresh and exciting approach can be seen in every detail, highlighting a modern design and advanced functionality. The center of attention is monopolized by the new infotainment system, with a massive touchscreen. The standard 33-centimeter diameter screen, with the option to upgrade to a 38-centimeter diameter model, is a significant leap from the current version with a small screen of just 23 centimeters. Its new interface and improved systems make it much more accessible and user-friendly than its predecessor. The screen is bright, responsive, and benefits from an intuitive menu layout. In addition, the new climate control system, integrated into the screen, eliminates the need to press an additional button, making it easier to use while driving.

A notable aspect that the PHP Rent a Car Airport Cluj company wants to emphasize is the removal of touch sensitive buttons on the steering wheel, all models now benefit from physical controls. This emphasizes Volkswagen's efforts to provide a more intuitive and safer driving experience. The new Passat B9 is not just about technology. Its interior reflects a modern aesthetic, in contrast to its predecessor. Ambient lighting, including a distinctive pattern on the dashboard, adds a touch of sophistication and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the cabin.

The interior quality, a hallmark of the Volkswagen brand, is evident in every aspect. Soft plastics are present on all touch surfaces, and touching harder materials is a rarity. This feeling of premium quality also extends to the rear space, ensuring a pleasant experience for rear passengers as well. In terms of technology, the new Passat B9 impresses with a completely redesigned digital cockpit and a state-of-the-art infotainment system. The main touchscreen is flanked by a new driver display system, and the new steering wheel gearshift system adds a touch of innovation. The interior of the new Passat B9 not only meets expectations, but exceeds them, offering an exceptional experience, a combination of modern design, advanced technology and refined comfort.

The interior of the new Volkswagen Passat B9 is distinguished by its exceptional practicality, redefining the standards for interior space and intelligent storage solutions. For starters, the extended dimensions of the new generation bring an extra 50 mm in length and 20 mm in width, translating into a generous and versatile interior space. Rear passengers will enjoy a relaxing experience thanks to the extra legroom and considerable headroom, even with the panoramic glass roof. The wide adjustments of the driver's seat and the steering wheel ensure maximum comfort for the driver, giving him the opportunity to find the ideal driving position. In contrast to other models that focus on a low driving position, the Passat is designed with an emphasis on comfort, a fact confirmed by the massaging seats available for most versions, except for the base models.

Ingenious storage solutions complete the practical atmosphere of the interior. The central compartment of the console is spacious enough to accommodate a laptop, and the smart design includes a special strap to keep the device in place even while on the move. With the additional dimensions, the boot capacity has increased by 40 litres, reaching a total of 690 litres. This significant increase not only beats the previous model, but also exceeds the storage space offered by many cars in its class. In addition, the space can be expanded to an impressive 1,920 liters by folding down the rear seats, a process made easier by the simple operation of switches in the boot. The practicality continues in details such as the lack of a threshold in the trunk, making it easier to handle bulky objects, and the electric closing of the trunk lid when it is closed, offering extra security for valuables.

The refined interior of the new Passat Variant also cleverly integrates additional storage spaces, including a large area under the floor to store the plug-in hybrid's charging cables. Adding to this a three-pin socket for charging devices, we notice a remarkable degree of attention to detail that contributes to the exceptional practicality of this car. Thus, the new Volkswagen Passat B9 not only expands its dimensions to provide generous interior space, but also ingeniously integrates smart storage solutions, turning travel into a practical and storage-efficient experience.

The new Volkswagen Passat B9 strengthens its presence in the market with its varied range of engines, offering a wide selection to satisfy various preferences and needs. Performance is enhanced by advanced technologies, bringing more efficiency and power. One of the notable options is the new mild hybrid petrol engine, a first for the Passat. This is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, providing 150 horsepower and front-wheel drive. The mild hybrid system allows driving in traffic without the engine running, thus contributing to fuel savings in urban conditions.

Standard petrol options include two 2.0-litre engines. The former delivers 204 horsepower and front-wheel drive, while the latter delivers an impressive 265 horsepower and four-wheel drive, adding an extra dynamism to the driving experience. The three diesel variants, all powered by 2.0-liter units, range in power between 122 hp, 150 hp and 193 hp. All but the most powerful of these have front-wheel drive.

For those who are interested in environmentally friendly options but also for those who travel a lot in urban agglomerations, the PHP Rent a Car Airport Cluj Napoca agency recommends one of the two plug-in hybrid variants available, both of which benefit from the new engine on 1.5 liter petrol. You can choose between a version with 204 hp or a more powerful one with 272 horsepower.

It should be noted that the new plug-in hybrid system is equipped with a 19.7 kWh battery, compared to the 10.6 kWh of the previous model. This significant improvement brings an extended electric range, estimated by Volkswagen at around 100 kilometers, almost double that of the previous model. This evolution reflects the manufacturer's commitment to advanced technologies and improved performance, giving drivers the opportunity to adopt more sustainable and energy-efficient driving options.

The new Volkswagen Passat B9 offers a wide range of equipment versions, each with distinct features:

     Baseline Passat:

  • Outstanding features including MIB4 display, Car2X system, App Connect.
  • Support systems, LEDs and standard USB-C ports.

     Business for Frequent Drivers:

  • Enhanced elegance with chrome trim and premium finishes.
  • The interior offers partially electric seats with massage and three-zone climate control.

     Elegance and R-Line - Top Variants:

  • Style or dynamism, depending on your preferences.
  • Superior equipment including LED matrix IQ.LIGHT headlights and seats with extensive massaging.

Each version reflects Volkswagen's attention to detail and offers a personalized experience for all drivers.

Orders for the 9th generation of the VW Passat model can be placed in February of next year, with the actual delivery of the car taking place a few weeks later, according to information obtained by the PHP Rent a Car office Cluj Napoca Airport Avram Iancu, the price will start from 40 thousand euros.

The new Volkswagen Passat B9 is a tribute to over 50 years of history, combining tradition with innovation in a captivating model. With a modern design, advanced technology and an extensive range of engines, the Passat B9 establishes itself as a balanced and versatile choice in the car segment. From generous amenities to expansive interior space and diverse engine performance, this automobile aims to redefine standards in terms of elegance, comfort and efficiency. With equipment lines adapted to all preferences, the PHP Rent a Car Cluj company believes that the new VW Passat B9 will offer an innovative and refined driving experience for all those looking for a reliable partner on life's roads.


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